Poverbly saying;

I leech on the direct translation of ‘knowing where your water comes from when you drink water’. Colloquially, it holds a lesser much buried reference. And honestly? I don’t even blame them, not with this generation and world pace of ‘we need to be faster’, ‘this needs to be better’, ‘you need to keep up’, […]

Destination unknown

so many months since I last posted. Within such a short period of time, it’s so phenomenal and amazing how so much can happen at the same time. So much that nothing is ever the same again. Dynamics, capacities, relations, knowledge, experiences, revelations, passions. I know only that each word brings with it a depth […]


Some days there is this urgent desire for me to fast forward a couple of years, missing a couple of exams to the prime of adulthood instead of the mere visitation of frontiers, and there are some moments I realise, we need to be children again. The cliche boils down to faith in exuberant amounts. […]

Where your demons hide

Recently it’s as if the vicious cycle has unleashed its elusive nightmare demons on me again. Unless the tirade of emotions that have gripped me in the middle of sleep and early mornings have me wrong, I cannot possibly feel more exhausted in the wakes. Alternatively, those demons may offer some unintentional parallel to the […]


Been a tad too late for the mandatory and welcoming reflections for the upcoming year. Nevertheless 2015 marks a really significant way in so many different aspects. Funny how things creep up on you the way you least expect them to. Unexpected open doors and windows… I only hope that this is not overly visionary […]